Mike Hostilo Net Worth, Biography, Wife & More

Mike Hostilo Net Worth

Mike Hostilo Net Worth, Biography, Wife & More: US Attorney Mike Hostillo is well known. The injury and accident victims he served in Georgia were his clients. Mike Hostillo net worth in 2022 is expected to be $800 thousand .

American attorney Mike Hostillo is known for his legal expertise. Mike Hostillo helps injured and accident victims in Georgia. In addition to Augusta, Mequon, Savannah, Columbus, Atlanta and Beaufort, he has offices in Columbus and Savannah. Mike Hostillo net worth in 2022 is expected to be around $800 thousand. Read on to know more about Mike Hostilo Net Worth.

Net Worth$800K
Date of Birth1978
ProfessionAccident Attorney


Mike Hostilo Net Worth & Salary

Mike hostilo net worth is just estimated to be around 800K USD, but it has not yet been confirmed. A lot of money has been earned by him as Mike Profession Attorney.

A net worth of $800 thousand is estimated for Mike Hostilo in 2022. As an attorney, he has generated a lot of wealth; he earned his net worth (Mike hostilo net worth) throughout Mike Hostilo Law Career.

Mike Hostilo Biography

Mike Hostillo’s mother is Japanese and his father is Savannah. As we all know, his father was born in Emanuel County and raised in Savannah, Georgia. He left the country when he was serving in the army. This discipline was taught to him by his father. Mike’s mother, on the other hand, was born and raised in Japan. In the 1960s, they emigrated to the United States. There was a lot of racism in America at that time. So they had to face more difficulties. He is the only child of his parents. From an early age, he understood the value of hard work, persistence, perseverance and discipline. He is open minded and accepting of all cultures and races.

Regarding his education, it is known that he attended Atlanta Law School. In addition, he is a graduate of the University of Georgia. At the same time, he worked various jobs such as newspaper delivery and construction.

Real Name: Mike Hostilo

Date of birth: 1978

Age: 44 years old

Height: N/A

Birthplace: Georgia (U.S. state)

Nationality: American

Martial Status: Married

Dating/Girlfriend: N/A

Profession: Attorney

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Mike Hostilo Personal Life

Georgia (USA) was the birthplace of Mike Hostillo in 1978. Mike Hostillo is now 44 years old. It was good for him to have a disciplined and hardworking father. His mother is Japanese and from that country. Mike Hostillo is a native son of Savannah. He also has a Japanese mother. Emanuel County is Mike’s father’s hometown. He didn’t leave Savannah until his father was in the Army, and Mike joined the Georgia bar where he grew up. He was born and raised in Japan, his mother is of Japanese descent. His parents have only one child, Mike. Mikel’s family has lived in Georgia since childhood. His father was from the Emanuel nation and moved to Savannah in his youth. Then, as a native Japanese mother, he emigrated to the United States in the turbulent 1960s.

Mike’s parents faced many challenges. 1960 was a challenging and racist time in America. She had many problems in her marriage, but she and her husband handled them calmly.

Qualifications, School & College of Mike Hostilo

While studying law at Atlanta Law School, Mike Hostil worked several jobs after graduating from the University of Georgia. Thanks to his many work experiences, Mike looks at life from different perspectives and has a comprehensive understanding of life. In addition to many jobs in construction, security, food delivery, newspaper delivery and many others, he has also worked as a contractor. As a people’s lawyer, Mike is a hard worker and has earned a considerable fortune through hard work. In 1993, as soon as he graduated from law school, Mike moved back to Earth to practice with former Marine George A. Zettler. Once again, Mike’s parents instilled in him honesty, patience, and sound judgment that Zettler reinforces.

In addition to his service in Georgia, he also helps in the surrounding area. In addition to Augusta and Macon, he has offices in Savannah, Columbus, Atlanta and Beaufort.

Law Career of Mike Hostilo

In 1992, Mike was admitted to the Georgia Bar. There he started working with a friend of Mike’s friend. Only at the end of 1995 he could become a partner of the company. He is also known as “Customer Fighter”. With his early success, Mike was able to gain popularity throughout the state of Georgia, such as Savannah, Atlanta, Statesboro, and Augusta. Later in 2006, he limited his work to accidents.

Mike Hostilo’s Kidnapping Incident

In January 2006, Mike was held hostage in his office for approximately 24 hours. Hearing a commotion outside the office, he went outside and saw Robert and Connie Boles with guns. The gun is at his secretary’s head.

Essentially, he was Ball’s court-appointed attorney and asked him to plead guilty. There are four charges to his name. That’s when Ball threatened to kill him when he got out of jail. Finally, with the help of the FBI guards around him, he went outside to talk to his classmates. When he returned home, he realized the gravity of the incident and found his father in tears.

Mike Hostilo family details

Mike has not revealed the name of his father or family, but it is known that his father is Savannah and his mother is Japanese.

While serving in the Army, Mike’s father left the state only to serve in Emanuel County, Georgia. It was his father who taught Mike discipline.

After moving to the US in the 1960s, Mike’s mother was born and raised in Japan. She said that in the 1960s, when she and her family moved to the United States from their home country, it was difficult for her to adjust because there was a lot of racism in the country at that time, which made life difficult for them. interracial couple.

At the societal level, it was a challenge and a problem for both.

Growing up, Mike learned the value of discipline and hard work, persistence, perseverance, discipline, and openness to cultures and races other than his own.


How Old Is Mike Hostilo?

Mike Hostilo Is Now 44 Years Old.

What Is The Net Worth Mike Hostilo In 2022?

Currently, Mike Hostilo Net Worth Is Estimated $800.

Is Mike Hostilo Married?

Yes, He Is Married & Happy With His Wife.

Where did he get his education from?

He graduated from the University of Georgia. Moreover, he also attended Atlanta Law School.

Who was involved in the Kidnapping incident?

Bower, whom Mike was a court lawyer, was involved in the incident.




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