Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth 2024 : Bio, Career, Income

Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth
Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth

Everyone wonders how much money Leah has. According to sources, Leahsfieldnotes net worth is her $25 million, but that has not been confirmed. Still, she and her family are doing well! But we can’t help but be a little intrigued by her wealth.

What kind of investments does she have? how did she make money what kind of lifestyle does she lead? These are all questions I would like to know the answers to. We will deliver the latest information, so please look forward to it!

Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth

Leahsfieldnotes net worth has currently $25 million. This YouTuber, social media influencer, and model is doing very well. She has a popular YouTube channel where she posts her vlogs of her travels in particular. She also has a large following on Instagram.
Leahsfieldnotes derives most of her earnings from her YouTube channel. It is estimated that she earns around $1 million a year from her advertising revenue alone. Sponsorships and other sources of income are excluded from this. Including these, their total revenue could be close to $2 million a year.

Not bad for someone who originally started out as a travel blogger! It means you can make a lot of money doing what you love, if you can get enough followers.

I am curious about how Leahsfieldnotes will expand its assets in the future. We will monitor them and let you know if anything changes!

CountryCanada (Currently )
Net Worth$25 Million
Last Updated


LeahsFieldnotes Net Worth Last 5 Years

Net Worth in 2022-2024$ 25 million
Net Worth in 2021$ 22 million
Net Worth in 2020$ 19 million
Net Worth in 2019$ 15 million
Net Worth in 2018$ 13 million

Leahsfieldnotes Biography

Leahsfieldnotes is an attractive young model and social media influencer. She was born in Canada on May 30, 1997 and lives with her family.

Leahsfieldnotes has been recognized for her work on social media. She is one of the most gorgeous models in the modeling industry and is also a fitness enthusiast. Her slim waist is so alluring and her beauty drives everyone crazy.

Leahsfieldnotes is a well-known model and YouTube blogger. Her nickname is Leah Wei, and she amazes her viewers with her extraordinary adventures her interesting content.

Leahsfieldnotes Real NameLeah Wei
Leahsfieldnotes Age26 years old
Leahsfieldnotes BirthdayMay 30, 1997
Leahsfieldnotes Birth PlaceShenzhen, China
Leahsfieldnotes Weight60 kg
Leahsfieldnotes Height5 feet 8 inches
Leahsfieldnotes ProfessionYoutuber, Model & Instagram
Leahsfieldnotes YouTube ChannelLeah’s Fieldnotes
Leahsfieldnotes Net Worth$25 Million
Leahsfieldnotes Monthly Income$80,000
Leahsfieldnotes Annual income$960,000
Leahsfieldnotes Income SourceYoutube, sponsorship, Ads, Model

Leahsfieldnotes Career

Leahsfieldnotes started his career as a travel blogger. She started her leahsfieldnotes YouTube channel to share her experiences with her loved ones. Soon she gained popularity and fans from all over the world.

Leahsfieldnotes began receiving offers from companies to promote their products as her blog grew in popularity. She then started working full-time at the company and updated her blog less frequently. Leahsfieldnotes has been eyeing Instagram and YouTube in recent years.

She now updates her YouTube channel with her travel-related vlogs and promotes it well on her Instagram profile. Despite her job changes, she remains passionate about her travels and sharing her own experiences with others.

Leahsfieldnotes Income

Leah Wei’s sources of income are varied. She earns income from sponsored posts on her social media accounts, her YouTube channel, and her blog.

She also makes money from product collaborations and partnerships. Additionally, Leah Wei has her own line of hair care products as well.

All these sources of income have brought Leah Wei to her net worth of around $25 million. Leah Wei is clearly a very successful woman. Kudos to her for her hard work and dedication to her career!

Leahsfieldnotes Boyfriend

Leahsfieldnotes is dating someone named Tim Dormer who is also a social media influencer. 2016 marked the beginning of their relationship and it continues to this day.

They often share photos and videos of their travels on their own social media profiles. It’s clear they enjoy their time together.

Leahsfieldnotes (Leah Wei) and her girlfriend Tim Dormer appear to be living together, although there is no official confirmation of their relationship. They frequently upload photos and videos of the same area, giving the impression that they live together.

We look forward to seeing more from Leah Way and Tim Dormer in the future! As a couple, they complement each other very well and there is no doubt of further professional success.

Leahsfieldnotes Favorite Things

Leah Wei loves to travel. She has been to different countries and she always enjoys discovering new places.

Her favorite destinations include Australia, Thailand and America. She also enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors.

Besides her travel, Lia Wei is also interested in fashion and beauty. She often posts pictures of her own outfits on her Instagram page and she has worked with fashion brands in the past. It’s clear that Leah Wei is a very creative and passionate person. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

Favorite SportTennis
Favorite ActorRyan Gosling
Favorite ActressEmily Vancamp
Favorite ColourBlack
Favorite Music ArtistSelena Gomez
Favorite FoodSushi

Leahsfieldnotes Future Plans

Leah Wei has accomplished a lot in his career so far. However, it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

She posts regularly about her upcoming projects on her social media accounts. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next!

Leahsfieldnotes YouTube

As you may know, Leahsfieldnotes (Liah Wei), despite joining YouTube on January 28, 2015, began her YouTube adventure on July 2, 2016, releasing her first video on that day. is a popular YouTuber who posted

Leahsfieldnotes has been on YouTube for almost her 5 years and has uploaded over 65 videos. And his YouTube channel now has over 510,000 subscribers. As for her general thoughts on her YouTube videos, she has been on her YouTube for about five years and her views range from her 200 to her 300,000 and sometimes less. Sometimes more.

Her most famous YouTube video is her 1.9 million views and is titled “20 inches + bangs a sad haircut ft. The video “A Special Guest” has been viewed over 1.9 million times.

Leahsfieldnotes Instagram

Leah Wei’s Instagram account has almost as many followers as her YouTube channel. Her follower count has surpassed her 203,000 and continues to grow. On her page, she frequently posts images and videos of her travels, as well as her content sponsored by the brands she works with.


Leahsfieldnotes has been embroiled in some controversy over the years.

In 2016, she was accused of plagiarism after posting a photo of her on her Instagram page.

Leah quickly apologized and took down her photo. She also vowed to be more careful from now on.

Facts about Leahsfieldnotes

  • Leahsfieldnotes was born on October 1, 1996, in Shenzhen, China.
  • She is currently 26 years old as of 2024
  • Leah Wei has a YouTube channel called leahsfieldnotes where she posts vlogs of her travels.
  • She also has an Instagram page with over 650,000 followers.
  • Leah Wei is dating fellow social media influencer, Tim Dormer.
  • She is a fan of travel, fashion, and beauty.
  • Leah Wei has been accused of plagiarism in the past. However, she has apologized for her actions and vowed to be more careful in the future.

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We’ve covered everything you need to know about LeahsFieldNotes’ net worth. LeahsFieldNotes posted all the details on their YouTube channel. So everything is real and authentic here. However, she did not share her income or assets. As such, these earnings and her LeahsFieldNotes net worth are projections, not actuals. In addition, there is a lot of information that cannot be provided due to lack of data. However, we will provide updates as new information becomes available. So don’t worry and stay tuned for future posts.


  • How much is leahsfieldnotes net worth?

    Leah Wei’s net worth is estimated to be 25 million dollars.

  • Who is Leahsfieldnotes?

    Leahsfieldnotes is a model, social media influencer, and professional YouTuber who posts travel vlogs and other content.

  • What is leahsfieldnotes real name?

    Leah Wei’s real name is Leah Wei. She was born in Shenzhen, China.

  • How old are Leahsfieldnotes?

    Leahsfieldnotes was born in Shenzhen, China, on May 30, 1997. He will become 26 years old.

  • How tall is Leahsfieldnotes?

    Leahsfieldnotes is a stunning Chinese girl with an excellent height of 5 feet 8 inches tall.

  • What does leahsfieldnotes do?

    Leah Wei is a professional YouTuber, Social Media Influencer & Model. She shares traveling vlogs and many more on her channel named “Leah’s Fieldnotes”.

  • How many followers does leahsfieldnotes have?

    Leah Wei has around 650K+ subscribers on her YouTube channel. On Instagram, she has over 2 million followers.

  • Who is leahsfieldnotes dating?

    Leah Wei is currently dating fellow social media influencer, Tim Dormer.


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